Viljandi county has always attracted tourists for its beautiful nature.

Here you will find yourself a suitable opportunity pastime. Viljandi county hides a lot of history, beautiful lakes, churches and castles, manors full of history, nature trails, museums and much more.

Below we have outlined just a few of all the special places you can see in Viljandi county.

* Mõisaküla museum
Tel. +372 43 55 607
J.Sihveri 4, Mõisaküla, Viljandimaa

The museum was established in 1870. Nearly 2800 displayed items give survey how the settlement Mõisaküla emerged, developed, prospered and declined, especially during the period of Soviet occupation. The visitors learn about the cultural and educational life of Mõisaküla, as well as local economy and manufacturing.
Open: Tue-Fri 10 a.m-4 p.m
          Sat 10 a.m-3 p.m

* Soomaa National Park
Phone: +372 43 57 164/ +372 52 61 924     web: 

Soomaa National Park, created in 1993, is one of the youngest in Estonia, but its area, 390 km², places it second after the Lahemaa National Park. The national park, situated in Transitional Estonia, has been created to protect large raised bogs, flood plain grasslands, paludified forests and meandering rivers. The territory of the national park is mostly covered with large mires, separated from each other by the rivers of the Pärnu River basin — Navesti, Halliste, Raudna and Lemmjõgi rivers.

*The Viljandi Order Castle
Order Castle was started in 1224 by the Order of the Sword in place of an earlier wooden one. This stronghold became the residence of a politically and economically influential komtuur. The castle of this stronghold was largest in Old Livonia. Due to damages during different wars the stronghold now lies in ruins. These days our theatre “Ugala” gives open air performances on Kaevumägi in the ruins. Every summer a grand Folk Music Festival takes place here. In Estonia everyone knows the song of a boatman rowing on Lake Viljandi. From the castle ruins the most beautiful view opens on the lake and its surroundings.


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